Your Guide To Summer Waves Above Ground Pools

Above ground swimming pools are a cost-effective alternative to underground pools. These pools offer all the benefits of their traditional counterparts with the advantage of mobility and easier maintenance. When it comes to flexibility of shapes, above-ground swimming pools are by far the best. Add that to the quality of an established brand like Summer Waves pools and you are sure to be getting value for your money. With their easy installation, sufficient room for the whole family and reliable accessories, it is no surprise that more and more people are choosing Summer Waves pools.

Summer Waves Quick Set Inflatable Above Ground Pools
The best thing about Summer Waves above ground pools is that there is always one for your budget. Owners of the Summer Waves Quick Set Inflatable above ground pools appreciate their affordability as well as performance. Measuring 10 feet by 30 inches, quick set pools are ready for use within minutes. They come with a quiet filter that ensures a smooth running throughout their life cycle. Given their relatively smaller size, Summer Waves quick set pools are great for smaller children.

Bigger kids find the family swimming pool more accommodating as it is more spacious. This pool also features attractive 3D drawings underneath that elevate the swimming experience. Kids can wear 3D goggles that come with the pool to experience marine life better. Measuring 90 inches in diameter by 22 inches in height, family Chromadepth 3D pools are the best suited for older kids. Their bodies are flexible to add comfort top their junior guests.

Kiddie Summer Waves Pool
As your kids grow, so do Summer Waves pools. Kids approaching adolescence require larger surfaces where they can practice swimming as a skill, and Summer Waves offers just that. At 8 feet, the inflatable small Kiddie Summer Waves pool is the perfect companion for your children to splash around. These pools still have the catch of their Chromadepth counterparts with 3D drawings and goggles to keep the kids busy. A clearly labeled fill line indicates the water limit while small ports help to entrap air for longer periods. Unlike with most other brands, the pattern on the pool remains intact for a long period.

Mid-size Summer Wave pool options come in both circular and rectangular shapes. With metal frames to support the reservoirs, large above ground pools are perfect for adults. Buyers can choose between the 18-feet and 20-feet depending on their budget and family size. Both circular designs are 48 inches deep. Summer Waves large round pools also feature an underground cloth, a filter pump, a ladder, skimmer, vacuum, and a cover.

Elite Wicker Print Round Pool
Leading the Summer Waves’ round pool pack is the Elite Wicker Print that features a thick PVC fabric for extra strength. Measuring 18 feet on the surface, the Elite Wicker Summer Waves offers the perfect swimming experience without signs of bending. These pools come with a filter pump capable of supporting 1,500 gallons of water within an hour. Additionally, a powerful cleaning system ensures around 6,600 gallons of water circulate smoothly within the reservoir.

Rectangular metal frame Summer Wave pools
Enthusiasts can still enjoy the experience of underground rectangular pools with an above ground alternative, thanks to the rectangular metal frame Summer Wave pools. These pools come with two-prong supports that run on all sides to offer support to the structure. Users can access the high surface through an A-frame ladder that can be placed on any side.

Rectangular metal frame pools come in different sizes, with the 18 by 9 feet and 12 by 24 feet being common designs. Their 4-feet depth offers enough surfaces for several people to swim comfortably at a go. An additional vinyl layer augments the structure’s strength making it long-lasting. A rectangular above ground pool is the best catch when you want to bring on more people over the summer or when you want a pool that stays out the whole season.