Here’s Why You Want The iPool D Set

If you have a small space, like a basement or garage, and are looking for a swimming pool, the iPool D set is built just for you. It takes up only six square meters of space and can fit in very small spaces quite easily.

The iPool D set includes the iPool itself with a heater. This lets you enjoy warm water during cooler seasons in the comfort of your own swimming pool. The pool measures seven by ten by 45 feet, though the recommended space requires a foot more on each side. It can be installed quite easily by yourself without much hassle.

The heater will require the help of a professional electrician though. The heater requires single phase three wire 240 volts and draws about 5.5 kilowatts of energy. It is always a good idea to have this installed through a professional as it will ensure the safety of those who use the pool.

If you are assembling the pool yourself, it should take under an hour. For regular maintenance, you will need an ounce of chlorine per week. There are salt water systems available, too, and you can get that professionally installed as well.

The best part of this above ground iPool D set is that it is made from galvanized steel. It makes the pool easy to assemble compared to most other endless pools in the market which are made from steel metal tub. The base is also made from acrylic shell, making it durable. You can also install insulation to help keep the heat in. This will ensure the warm water retains its temperature during colder months.

It also comes with a dual harness system as opposed to noisy motors. This helps keep the noise to a minimum and gives you a better artificial current to fight. You no longer have to deal with water being slammed into your face; the iPool D set lets you adjust the resistance, enabling you to swim any type of stroke you desire.

As you can see, the above ground iPool D set is an excellent indoor heated swimming pool. It will help you maintain your swimming form easily with the patented dual harness system. It is also extremely easy to install and maintain. You and your friend can install it in under an hour. It can also be used by very tall people; you do not have to worry about bumping your hands on the sides.