Easy To Install Above Ground Intex Pools

Intex pools are a good bridge that is set between the EasySet and the metal frame swimming pools. These above ground pools combine the benefits of the easy set and Rectangular Metal Frame Pools. The best thing about these pools is that they are simple to set up, get ample support from the frame, and comes in extended shape to have a larger swimming area.

The pools are durable as they use laminated PVC with multiple layers of material to give more strength and enhanced durability. The pool takes 3 layers for manufacturing, where the inner layer of polyester is given more strength by the two outside layers of strong PVC. On average the above ground intex pools will last 5-10 years.

The intex pools are very popular and most of the above ground pools have evolved from their basic designs to different designs, shapes, and sizes. The pools are cheaper than the conventional swimming pools, are easy to set up, and they are big enough to accommodate the entire family or group of friends. Nowadays the above ground pools come with many extra features such as jets, water showers, and salt water machines to give you a complete swimming experience. People are moving towards the above ground pool as they get the same feel of a regular pool but have to pay a lot less for the installation and maintenance of the intex pools.

Unlike a normal indoor or outdoor pool that takes months to set up properly, the above ground pools are ready in a matter of two weeks! For a regular swimming pool, you need heavy construction and digging of a huge hole in the ground. Whereas in the intex pool, the setup is out the ground and most fittings are easy to fit together making the installation easy and fast. However, there is no compromise on the durability of above the ground pool and they remain stable for many years.

There are many retailers and online stores that offer the installation, maintenance, and repair and services of the above ground pools. There are many options available on the size, type and design of the pools and buyer have the option to avail many lucrative seasonal discounts. Depending on the size and shape of the above ground pool you will not have to handle huge maintenance and sanitation methods and that will save you both time and money.